The Theta Forward trigger for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is a flat faced trigger with a +5mm forward position that provides increased leverage over the factory trigger. The increased leverage will reduce the trigger pull weight by about 12%*. When compared to a curved trigger, the flat surface profile on our Theta triggers provides a more tactile and consistent trigger pull regardless of where the operator places their finger. The increased repeatability in pull force and trigger movement makes every shot feel just like the last, allowing for quicker and more accurate follow up shots. The Theta triggers are precision machined from billet aluminum available in black or red. Made in the USA, this part counts towards 922R compliance. Trigger includes a new roll pin for seamless installation.

This trigger is available for both the CZ-USA factory trigger pack as well as the CZ Custom trigger pack. Please select color and sear type from the drop down box. The CZ Custom configuration is manufactured in partnership with CZ Custom and only fits their sear part number 10594. The CZ Custom configurations WILL NOT fit the factory CZ-USA sear.

Theta Forward Flat Faced Trigger

  • Increased Leveraged, Reduced Pull Weight
  • Available for both the Factory Sear and CZ Custom Trigger Pack
  • Fits CZ Scorpion EVO3 Pistol and Carbine
  • Made in USA, 922R compliant
  • Drop In Replacement, Includes Roll Pin
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Available in Black or Red

*Please note: This 12% trigger pull force reduction comes at a cost. The +5mm forward face position provides a noticeable increase in leverage about the trigger mechanism pivot, especially with the factory 10lb+ trigger spring. However, placing the face of the trigger forward of the factory trigger does increase the length of pull (LOP) by +5mm, and does very slightly increase the travel of the trigger itself by about 1mm. These trade-offs will not impact most shooters, but should be known.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

*Please note that for 2016 Scorpion S1 models (pistol/carbine) there is a high rate of welded trigger packs. The retaining weld should be identified and removed prior to any trigger pack work. For more information on removing the weld please see our info here: Scorpion Trigger Pack Weld

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HBI Scorpion Theta Forward Trigger

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