UW Gear Bandoleer 4 - CZ Scorpion

The new UW Gear 4 Mag Bandoleer is based off our popular 3 mag bandoleer. This version now holds 4 magazines.

The UW Gear Bandoleer 3 was conceived as a simple solution to carrying ready mags, when a full chest rig is not needed and/or a quicker grab n go solution is called for. It harkens back to the days of the possibles bags used by our ancestors, and to the ammo bandoleers of more recent times. Like it's stable mates, it is designed for rural combat, where protection and retention is desired, along with quick access to your ready mags.

The bandoleer itself consists of a base, which is essentially a Minuteman rig without side panels or shoulder harness. Three pouches are sewn on, with top flaps, and our unique tuck tab fastening system. It is worn with a single shoulder strap, and a removable waist strap, giving you a choice of carry methods. Quick to throw on with shoulder strap only, or better security with a waist strap employed.

Like everything else we make, it comes with a tuck tab closure system, which consists of a reinforced web tab on the top flap, which tucks into a web tunnel on the pouch body. It is extremely secure, yet opens easily when needed. Silent, one-handed operation. Nothing to break, wear out, or clog with mud and snow. We think it's the best closure system out there and what makes our products worth getting. 

For those times when you need a little extra ammo, but don't want or need a full chest rig, the bandoleer comes in mighty handy. With a complete top flap and tuck tab closure, we think this is the best solution on the market. 

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UW Gear Bandoleer 4 - CZ Scorpion

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