Cerakote Terms and Conditions

*These terms and conditions are automatically agreed upon during the checkout process*

General Terms

Lead times provided are estimates, not guarantees.

Multiple layer jobs will automatically be charged for a protective clear coat

Prepping metal surfaces may expose flaws in metal and remove some factory markings. CCA is not responsible for these flaws or marking removals.

CCA does not guarantee function out of a firearm that is not disassembled and reassembled by our gunsmiths.

If firearm is brought in as a “build”, we do not guarantee function of the firearm

Cerakote colors must be agreed upon during the time of checkout.

Barrels not Cerakoted in air cure are not guaranteed to hold up to heat

Handgun Sights

Due to the nature of handgun sights, some blemished may occur during removal and installation of handgun sights. CCA is not responsible for such blemishes.

Re-spray Criteria

Issue must be present with the initial application

Qualifying criteria may include chipped paint, incorrect colors, runs, or drips.

Firearms must be examined for these issues at the time of pickup.

CCA reserves right for the final say on all re-spray requests.

Additional Labor Charges

Additional labor charges may apply to items in which issues arise during the disassembly process. 

Additional labor charges may apply for firearms with tight tolerances that must be refitted after Cerakoting (ie. Custom 1911’s) 

Firearms with pin and welded muzzle devices are subject to increased labor charges for removal and re-installation of the device in accordance with ATF standards.