GHM9 Adapter Install Instructions

Installation Instructions

Copper Custom B&T GHM9 Brace/Stock Adapter

  1. Please make sure gun is unloaded and clear from any ammunition.
  2. Push out Retaining Pin on factory buffer endcap making sure to hold the endcap firmly to prevent launching the part. Slowly pull endcap downward until the retention lug on top of endcap clears receiver recess while continuing to hold pressure on the endcap. Slowly release recoil spring tension until completely relieved and can safely remove endcap.
  3. Use small trimmed hex wrench included in box to remove factory retainer clip from factory end cap pin. Remove endcap pin.
  4. Install provided washer in retainer clip slot in new brace/stock adapter. Slide factory endcap pin, starting on same side as slot, up to first detent groove. Install factory retainer clip on to endcap pin via the slot provided with washer to the outside, clip inside.
  5. Reverse process for install of new endcap on gun. Hold firm pressure on endcap while compressing recoil springs while guiding retention lug under top of receiver. Push endcap upward to seat lug in recess while pushing retainer pin to secure in place.
  6. Screw in an AR-style buffer tube until it stops. We recommend that you apply blue thread locker to buffer tube (not included).
  7. Unscrew the AR-style buffer tube until the slot on the buffer tube aligns with set screw in the bottom of the adapter. We recommend that you apply blue thread locker to the set screw (not included).
  8. Tighten the set screw with the provided 5/64” hex key so the buffer tube cannot rotate.
  9. Slide the brace or stock onto the tube.