The D72 RPK Rifle:

These rifles are built by our professional team with all the fine tuning and attention to detail we

have become known for over the past decade. You can expect a top quality shooter that will be

accurate and endure a lifetime of hard use. We leave nothing left untouched and guarantee this

firearm will be one of the best defensive tools you own.

Standard features on Definitive Arms handcrafted AKs:

 All parts and components receive a 1-to-1 inspection to make sure they're free of defects

and in spec. We replace or repair anything that is not in spec or functioning as it should.

No detail is overlooked in order to guarantee you have a top quality defensive tool in

your possession.

 We hand fit every piece during the build process to insure the highest quality tool is

delivered. No two AKs are alike, they must be built 1 to 1 for the best possible outcome. 

The use of quick jigs and mass production practices may yield higher output and less

expensive offerings, but in order to build the most accurate, durable, and smoothest

functioning AK available, one has to spend time fitting every piece of the rifle. There is

no way around it.

 All Press fits are gauged and adjusted 1-to-1. Barrel into the front trunnion, rear sight

block, gas block and front sight, are all installed within a tolerance of pressure during

installation which leads to increased accuracy and rigidity of the front end.

 All barrel components individually inspected and aligned during assembly to produce a

straight and accurate rifle with a consistent recoil impulse.

 Barrel and all components are pinned via rigid fixturing in a mill with precision drilled

and reamed holes that are fitted with precision ground pins made from heat treated alloy

steel. This greatly improves rigidity and accuracy.

 All riveting operations are done one at a time in specialty tooling to remove all blind gaps

in the components.

 Press formed dimpling of receivers and machine chamfered components insure the

highest yield strength possible where swell neck rivets are used.

 Rivets formed on gauged presses to regulate tonnage with exacting pressures. Key to

repeatable accuracy with AKs.

 Head spaced with Go, No-Go, Field, and assortment of in spec cartridges to ensure

proper function of the firearm.

 Chambers are machine beveled and fully polished to ensure clean reliable feed, proper

gas sealing during firing, and easy extraction post firing.

 Extractor claws are polished on the front edge to ease friction while seating over the

cartridge rim, and sharpened on the back side to assist in proper extraction. Greatly

improves reliability in undesirable conditions.

 Actions points, friction surfaces, carrier rails, camming surfaces and other common areas

where high friction is endured are stoned or lightly polished to improve both the felt

functionality and reliability.

 Magazine well, magazine catch, and selector stop plate hand fitted to ensure reliable

function with in-spec magazines.

 Completely and thoroughly refinished, (MIL-DTL-16232 Type M) Mil-Spec

Parkerization and Definitive Arms 7 stage Black Armor Hard Coating, with attention to

detail. Every single applicable piece is handled, processed, and plated to ensure a tough

and adequate level of coverage on all surfaces. Down to the small hardware and tiny

components hidden away inside the host. Completely submerged in multiple tanks to

ensure the highest level of coverage on applied finish.

Standard Specs:

 Caliber: 7.62x39mm

 Barrel Length: 21.5"

 Barrel Threaded 14x1L (Threads are concentric to bore. Suppressor ready)

 Weight: 10lbs 4oz

 OAL: 40.5"

Unique Features:

 Hand Crafted by Definitive Arms. (Full description below)

 Built using Original ALL MATCHING! Unissued! Excellent Condition! Unfired!

Forged Yugoslavian Parts.

 4150 CMV Heavy Chromed MG-rated barrel. 922(r) Compliant U.S. Made.

 FIME Group Military Style Fire Control Group.

 Original Matching Serial Wood furniture. Conditions vary. Some may show dings, dents,

and handling wear.

 All wood has been cleaned, a cosmo extraction done, and a light oil restore shine applied

to wood. All wood in serviceable.

 Bolt and Carrier left in original shiny white finish. Restored and polished lightly by hand.

 Muzzle Nut thread protector.

 Refinished in both (MIL-DTL-16232 Type M) Mil-Spec Parkerization and Definitive

Arms 7 stage Black Armor Hard Coating.

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Definitive Arms D72 RPK Rifle - 7.62x39

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